A/K 2012

Created for a gallery’s exhibition at the art fair ART KARLSRUHE 2012, this


showcases five artists each presented with his biography and some artworks on a double spread.

The booth number as an important


information is highlighted on the cover with a fine-lined circle. The cover itself is printed on a reflecting chromolux board.

MC / AF 2011

At this brochure for the

contemporary art gallery

GALERIE AN DER PINAKOTHEK DER MODERNE the brief was to combine two exhibitions at two different art fairs in one printed matter.

Due to in parts presenting the same artist on both shows a circle around the specific art fair’s initials marks at which show the artist is being presented.

Munich Contempo / Art Fair Cologne 2011 · Catalog Design

Bettina Dietz Architecture

A very clean simple typographic solution was adopted for the

visual identity and printed matter

for this german interior designer.

The stationary printed on naturally appearing felt-like paper complements the sensual and natural architectural style of BD.
To suit the sophisticated architecture

the business cards

are letterpress printed.

Identity · Stationary / Bettina Dietz Architektur

Don’t Panic / brand eins

To convey the mood of this issue of German economics magazine BRAND EINS the developed

information graphics

appear disorderd but manage to maintain a sense of collectivity at the same time.

The story: What do the Germans think? How do they estimate the development of technology, environment or the consequences of globalization? Researchers from the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach ask periodically and monitor astonishing developments.


Web developer

Thomas Leidinger plants adorable coded web applications.

His business cards are equipped with extra white space providing the plants light to grow. The front side is reminiscent of plant labels. The all natural feeling is supported by

Munken Print Cream

– a paper with amazing haptics.

Stationary / Business Card · Web Developer

2012 — 2013

This detailed


was produced to launch YACHTIMA’s new product line of lights for mega yachts.

It is broken into five parts according to the category of lights – downlights, footlights, uplights, linear lights and special lights.

The introductory pages bear an iconic sign describing the illuminating direction of the respective lights category.

YACHTIMA / Corporate Design · Catalog Design · Icons
YACHTIMA / Webdesign · Website Navigation

80 Knots / Yachtima Website

After developing the name,

logotype and visual identity

for German yacht light company YACHTIMA we were commissioned to create the



A marine compass arrow at the lower left edge combined with

random placed typography

indicates the hidden site navigation.

Hamburg-based photographer Imke Jansen shot the lights.

Venedig schlägt Los Angeles / brand eins

Issue 12-2007: Design
Article: Venice beats Los Angeles

The Story: What has to please many, needs to be designed by many – city planner Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani about the difference between urban visions and beautiful cities.

The information graphics illustrate the

characteristic design

features of the discussed cities.

Tulio Barrios Illustration

Tulio Barrios is a rapid advertising storyboard and moodboard illustrator.

His graphic identity

was loaded with dynamics by adopting his signage to the logo. High quality steel engraving was applied to

the business cards and letterheads.

Tulio Barrios Illustration / Business card with engraved logo

Art Karlsruhe · 2009

In 2009 munich-based Galerie an der Pinakothek der Moderne presented an unusually high number of artists in her show at the art fair Art Karlsruhe. All artists are named on the pure black & white cover.

brand eins · Sorgenbarometer / Informationsgrafik · Info graphics

Das Sorgen-Barometer / brand eins

Issue 11-2008: Keine Panik
Article: The Worries Barometer

The Story: What do the Germans think? How do they estimate the development of technology, environment or the consequences of globalization? Researchers from the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach ask periodically and monitor astonishing developments.


art direction of designer Mike Meiré

we were asked to create several information graphics.

brand eins · Sorgenbarometer / Information Design · Infographics


Smart electric metering brand and energy consulting company SMARTEN assigned us to develop their

corporate design.

The whole establishment of the company was accompanied by us, starting with naming the company and

designing the logotype

, colour system and typeface then

creating the stationary, website and image brochures.

In reference to electric metering diagrams the brand’s

visual identity sytem

is based on various elements forming unordered and orderd circles (pie charts).

SMARTEN / Editorial Design · Image Brochure · Catalog Cover
SMARTEN / Corporate Design · Identity · Visual language system

Woher nehmen wir nur
die Energie … / brand eins

Issue 05-2010: Der Sieg des Irrationalen
Article: Why do we spend so much power …

The Story: … to argue the sources of our energy? Energy polarizes – it is being polemicized as if facts would be disturbing. An attempt of an sober analysis.

The information graphics

are inspired by wind power and turbines.

brand eins Magazine · Energie / Information Design · Infografik

Die Zukunft taut auf / brand eins

Issue 07-2008: Eigentum
Article: Defrosting future

The Story: A visit to the canadian city Churchill at the Hudson Bay. A talk about global climate change and its consequences for the Arctic.

The handcrafted illustration

was art directed by Mike Meiré.

Die Haushaltsfrage / brand eins

Issue 10-2009: Stadt
Article: The budget issue

The Story: How Hansestadt Rostock turned a zero etat into 400 millions of debts. Is there anything to do about it?

The diagrams illustrate a ski-lift/gondola that transported Rostock up on rocky Mount Debt.

The Solo Project · 2011

Leaflet for GALERIE AN DER PINAKOTHEK DER MODERNE participating in THE SOLO PROJECT 2011, Zurich.

A/K 2011

Created for GALERIE AN DER PINAKOTHEK DER MODERNE’s show at the art fair ART KARLSRUHE 2011, this brochure presents six artists. To maintain the entity on the cover after collaging together the heterogeneous artworks the colours were reduced to a duotone colour scheme.

A/K 2010

Produced to accompany an exhibition at the ART KARLSRUHE 2010, this brochure contains artworks and biographies of four artists.
The cover is offset printed on a reflecting chromolux board.

Pre / view

This invitation to the exclusive preview of japanese artist


at the GALERIE AN DER PINAKOTHEK DER MODERNE was offset printed on chromolux reflective chrome board.


Grindel is a charming quarter with several unique small shops in Hamburg’s urban district Rotherbaum. It is characterised by plenty of families living there. And the University of Hamburg is located there.

Since developing the

logo and a visual identity

in 2009 we are continous taking care of

posters, flyers, brochures

and created the wordpress-based website www.grindel.de.

The outer form of the

variable logotype

describes the somehow-triangular geographic outline of the quarter.


Euro Szene Leipzig /
Spielzeit 2008 – Spaltungen

This case study for the festival of contemporary european theatre and dance EURO SCENE LEIPZIG covers

the corporate design

and an exclusively designed typeface.

We also developed

the seasonal visual identity

for the play time 2008 (issue: divisions).

Experimental design

for experimental theatre – the visual image is based on a stage built of three dimensional elements which are illumitaded by typography and pictures out of a LCD projector.

A Book About Apparel

A book documenting the current, primary economical development in the international clothing and fashion industry. Pure, clean and simple information graphics are illustrating the data neutrally and non-judgementally.

The book cover is hot foil stamped.
The open spine is stitch binded.

They Shot Them
They Shot Them Two
They Shot Them Three

Silkscreen printed book linen wraps the covers of this threepart book series containing

contemporary portrait photography.

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The studio was founded in 2007; it is based in Hamburg.



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